How to Efficiently Analyze and Clean Up Lawson Directory Space

Overtime the LSF Lawson directory builds up and may even cause performance issues given the amount of data that may need to be backed up every night. Below are some steps you can take to help analyze and clean up your LSF Lawson directory.


  1. Download and Install the free WinDirStat tool found at
  2. Once you open the tool, select and run it for your local LSF directory:
  3. You may notice right away that 3 directories stand out:
    • %LAWDIR%\print
    • %LAWDIR%\work
    • %LAWDIR%\system\joblog

These directories will fill up overtime as users run batch jobs/reports.

  1. To clean up the work directory, you can expand the directory in Windirstat and manually get rid of large files, outdated reports and files.
  2. For cleaning up the print and joblog directory, Lawson has a utility called deljobhst
    • To get a more in-depth look at the deljobhst utility see here
    • NOTE: It is recommended to backup these directories especially if your organization has a retention policy.
  3. Open LID and connect to the environment you want to clean up.
  4. We personally are going to delete all printed reports and joblogs that are over 400 days old.
  5. can help determine what the date is 400 days from today is.
    1. In our case, it is November 26, 2019
  6. In LID, we would run: deljobhst -crj 112619
    • This would remove all completed jobs (c)
    • All generated print files associated with batch jobs (r)
    • All recurring job entries (j)
  7. After this completes, if Windirstat is still open, click the refresh all button:

Hope this was helpful!