Weekly Patch Notification

Lawson Applications

Week Start Date: Saturday, February 13, 2021

Week End Date: Saturday, February 20, 2021

Package ID Title Corrected Programs Reference Number Release Platform OS Platform OS Version
CTP123102 Add Configurable IOS Calls to RQ95 RQ95 JT-1531716
CTP123136 RQC allows intercompany requisition when GL25 is not setup RQC JT-1534396
CTP123138 In Search Catalog, when changing the unit cost that defaulted from an Agreement prior to adding the item, the error message “Cannot enter both unit cost and agreement reference” is encountered RQC JT-1535088
CTP123147 Tax Category 105: Employer Paid City Service Fee PR05 JT-1339964
CTP123160 Multiple reversals occurring some activities during Labor Cost Transfer GM170 JT-1534370
CTP123162 Add PPE Classification on Miscellaneous Tab for Item Master IC11 JT-1540027
CTP123170 AP135 If the ending date is left blank, the system date should default AP135 JT-1545612
CTP123171 AC00 Level Address labels/numbers are not displaying on ISO/Portal AC00, AC70 JT-904718
CTP123173 Taxes not updated when Remote Flag is changed via LT111 LT111, HR11, LT11, LT22 JT-1549229
CTP123179 RQ140 derives number of decimals for quantity from IC01.1 regardless of item types in the report RQ140 JT-1544029
CTP123183 IC29 Lot Track Issue does not Allow Entered Expiry Date IC29 JT-1490899
CTP123164 Helptext dump for patch900 helptext.hlp JT-1547606
CTP123146 Tax Category 105: Employer Paid City Service Fee PR05 JT-1339964
CTP123163 Helptext dump for patch901 helptext.hlp JT-1546363