3 Reasons Why You Should Integrate IOT With ERP In 2021

There is a need in the business and technology world for a unified solution that integrates all business operations in one platform, which allows employees to have complete control over every resource of their organization. The latest trend is combining multiple systems and acting as a super system. CRM (customer relationship management), ERP (enterprise resource planning), AI (artificial intelligence), and VR (virtual reality) to name a few have been systems as of late to merge. Another consideration for forward thinking organizations is to amalgamate IoT (Internet of Things) and ERP to open up new doors of possibilities for operational excellence, workflow automation, and customer service. The main connection here is the handling and storing of business and customer data. The best way to stand out from the crowd is for organizations is to adopt the most advanced version of ERP systems with augmented functionalities of new-age technologies like IoT. By combining IoT and ERP, enterprises can not only differentiate their business from competitors but also fuel new revenue growth. Tech expert and CEO of Allerin Naveen Joshi shares an article on BBN Times explaining why you should integrate IOT with your ERP. Here are three reasons according to Joshi that would greatly benefit linking data between both systems.

  1. Better Quantity & Quality Data – By integrating IoT and ERP, companies can improve data availability, which can lead to operational excellence. The data accumulated due to IoT sensors will be directly fed to the ERP software. Any changes in the process are reported in real-time.
  2. Improved Interaction – With IoT coming into the picture, all information will be automatically updated in the ERP system in real-time, helping every stakeholder to stay on the same page. The ERP system will automatically operationalize the continuous influx of IoT data, thereby strengthening the communication between everyone.
  3. Business Intelligence – ERP, when armed with IoT data, will help organizations to gain vital business-related insights instantaneously. The continuous stream of data enables enterprises to carry out real-time analysis, which will help them gain actionable insights to make tactical and quick decisions that will increase the revenue generation significantly.


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