Weekly Patch Notification

Lawson Applications

Week Start Date: Saturday, November 14, 2020

Week End Date: Saturday, November 21, 2020

Package ID Title Corrected Programs Reference Number Release Platform OS Platform OS Version
2165083 Complete CTP122791 Introduce Ship To Country Code in PO120 PO120 JT-1501279
2165082 Complete CTP122799 PO100 is not combining req lines to the same PO line when those requisitions have different requesting companies. PO100 JT-1501707
2165080 Complete CTP122800 IC83 – Incorrect Vendor Item defaulted to requisition line IC83 JT-1500645
2165077 Complete CTP122805 AP170 Not Clearing Temporary Holds AP170 JT-1492297
2165081 Complete CTP122813 IC170 Freeze Select Items Includes Items Not On Select ID IC170 JT-1497600
2165085 Complete CTP122815 AP20 AOC only invoice match action results in abort when PO20 set rate = I MAI1 JT-1463304
2165084 Complete CTP122816 incorrect company match on flat amount employee contribution for a match percent schedule plan BN31 JT-1495265
2165089 Complete CTP122828 Local taxes to withhold only on work locations with pay period wages PR140, PR36 JT-1495922
2165086 Complete CTP122829 PO25.8 error Cannot add item; you must update info on Item Master when populating user field information. PO25 JT-1503968
2165088 Complete CTP122830 AR10 Audting  a field that was not edited AR285 JT-1480518
2165087 Complete CTP122831 PO195 provide blank data PO195 JT-1508204
2165091 Complete CTP122841 Manuf Info is removed after doing a change on IC82 IC82 JT-1493360
2165092 Complete CTP122843 Refund for the previous year does not calculate if the current year’s refund amt is > the current deduction amt PR80, PR140 JT-1436448
2165090 Complete CTP122838 PR292 for NC not displaying FEIN on RE record PR292 JT-1508400
2165076 Complete CTP122795 PR287 taking 20 seconds+ to add a job PR287 JT-1499588