Why CRM Is Critical to Small-Business Success Right Now

The coronavirus pandemic has affected a lot of businesses, with small and midsize businesses (SMBs) failing to stay afloat this year. Many SMBs have implemented customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to aid in customer retention during these difficult economical times. Susan Marshall, founder and CEO, Torchlite, shares an article on Destination CRM of the importance CRM is to small businesses today. According to Marshall, maintaining customer contact is the lifeline to any company, no matter the industry. Utilizing a CRM is good for business, as there’s a major difference between those who are thriving and those who are struggling to survive.

CRMs Give SMBs the Edge – CRM not only empowers a first-class customer experience, but also simultaneously drives revenue and gives SMBs a competitive advantage.

Simplified Client Management – One of the main reasons that more SMBs invest in CRM solutions is its incredible ability to simplify client management by centralizing customer data.

Seamless Sales Strategy – Backed up by reliable reporting tools and access to customer history, CRM solutions make it easier than ever to accurately forecast a company’s pipeline.

Automated Target Marketing – Today’s consumers not only long for personalized and relevant content, but they demand it.

Increased Profits – Installing a successful CRM can save SMBs valuable hours of employee time, in turn saving money by engaging in more productive efforts.

Using CRM to the Fullest – CRM software has the potential to enhance many aspects of a small business, but only if you use its features to their full potential.


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