5 telltale signs it’s time to replace your ERP system

In the last decade, the manufacturing sector has integrated an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system of some sort for smoother operations. However, with modern technology constantly evolving, sometimes the ERP system you implemented just a few years ago is now outdated. Mark Stevens writes an article on the Stamping Journal sharing five signs that your ERP system may be outdated.

  1. Lack of Real-time Data. “Your ERP system should allow access at the touch of a button and on any mobile device to these and other types of information to help you make better decisions, capture more sales, and satisfy customers.”
  2. Too Complex for Users. “Lack of employee buy-in and chronic complaints about how challenging a system is and how much time it takes to enter and extract data are telltale signs of an ineffective ERP system.”
  3. Reliance on Multiple Platforms. “If you are using nonintegrated systems or a separate customer relationship management (CRM) tool, you’re likely missing productivity and profitability opportunities.”
  4. Still Performing Manual Processes. “ERP technology is intended to automate labor-intensive processes and keep work flows running smoothly. When your ERP fails to achieve these most basic functions, it’s time to look at an upgraded system.”
  5. Lack of Support. “A lack of available support isn’t a problem just with legacy ERP systems; it’s also critical to ensure that your new ERP system has people who will be there to stand behind it.”


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