How technology has transformed workplace communication

Thanks to technology, the way we communicate with others on a daily basis in both the personal and professional level has dramatically evolved. With the advancements in the workplace, office work, business transactions, meetings, and data/information transfers are being done faster than ever. First, computers transformed the way we worked. Then, the internet enabled real-time collaboration between workers in every corner of the world. Today, smartphones help us work from anywhere, at any time, in what has become known as the always-on economy. Let’s take a look at how communication in the workplace has evolved, thanks to technology.

  • It all started with a memo – In the business world, letters were formal, descriptive messages usually meant for clients and customers. Memos, short for memorandums, were the informal, yet professional enough, means of communication among colleagues, superiors, and other personnel within an organization. As useful as these hand written and somewhat confidential messages were to the workplace, they were “slow” in means of communication for a busy workplace.
  • Then came the e(lectronic) mail – With the help of the internet, email become the primary means of workplace communication. Not only was it a money and time saver, emails were also capable of sending mass messages to groups or people. Even with new advancements such as phones or messaging (which will be further discussed in the next bullet), email is still a very strong asset in business communication. Email, however, can be a bit slow if a person does not constantly check their inbox. Thanks to technology, there came another solution.
  • Instant messaging reigns as king – Since most people carry smartphones, businesses have tapped into their pocket sized computers and created the world of instant messaging as the primary and fastest means of communication. Workplace collaboration tools enable efficient business communication and foster learning-friendly cultures. Messaging, video and conference apps all fall under this instant messaging phenomena and have advanced business communication for the better.

Workplace communication has come a long way, all thanks to technology. There’s a right type of communication for everyone, and using multiple means of communication would be even more efficient. It’s exciting to wonder what next great tool will come along for workplace – and personal – communication.

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