IPA Node Error – There is not one Actor for this identity


I was doing some work in Landmark and ran across an issue where my LPA node wouldn’t start in the grid.  I looked at the logs and saw the error “There is not one Actor for this identity: <IDENTITY>”.  Issues like this often present themselves when trying to log into Rich Client also.  In this case, it came back with a “logon failure” message.  When you come across issues like this, and you can’t get into Rich Client, the next step is to check the database.  For an error referring to actors and identities, the first table to look at would be IDENTITYACTOR in the Landmark GEN database.  In this case, I discovered that the record for the IDENTITY mentioned in the error had a DELETEFLAG that was populated with the UNIQUEID (meaning that it had been deleted).  I updated the record and set the DELETEFLAG = 0, rebooted my server, and the LPA node started right up.