Infor partnering with Oxford and Carnegie Mellon on machine learning

Infor is making great strides in the education sector by recently signing a new research partnership with the University of Oxford and extended its partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, both to study machine learning. Infor is supporting an on-going work on in-database machine learning to the Factorised Databases (FDB) Project with the Computer Science Department at Oxford in the UK. Leading the project is Oxford professor Dan Olteanu who’s goal for the FDB project is to build a scalable system for training machine learning models over relational databases. Olteanu was a consultant on development of Infor’s LogicBlox – a core part of Infor Retail’s demand forecasting, allocation, replenishment, and assortment optimization capabilities. Infor began a similar partnership with Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in October of 2018. Head of the project at Carnagie Mellon is Professor Benjamin Moseley and his work on advanced algorithms for scheduling execution graphs of declarative languages. This research is expected to improve the task scheduler of the LogicBlox platform.

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