How Smart Tech Can Help Boost Transit Fleet Reliability

With new digital trends being adapted across various industries, we tend to forget older products. Take transportation for example. Ride sharing and app-based rides, we almost forget mass transit such as buses and trolleys. Such outlets still exist, and they could benefit with today’s technology.  Budgets for maintaining assets and vehicles are becoming too costly, and the fast-paced lives of commuters have no room for delays. Managing public transportation in U.S. metro areas has become difficult to balance, while also accommodating the needs of the public and complying to federal mandates for public transportation safety. Driving pressures that make preparation difficult include population shifts, fleet conditions, reliability, and compliance. However, that is all changing with the emergence of new technology trends. Modern IT solutions can play a major role in monitoring fleet health and asset performance, as well as provide insight on customer demands. Some modern technologies that are capable of supporting proactive public transportation are Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Internet of Things (IoT), compliance reporting, Artificial Intelligence (AI), predictive analytics, and warehouse management systems. Metro transit groups should greatly consider these IT solutions as they will help managers with better decision making, collect data and forecast commuter trends to prepare their systems ahead of time.

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