IT operation and application management costs are out of control!

In this ebook we explore five areas of cost savings and discuss how to reduce expenses while increasing overall efficiency. (Download link below)

The costs of maintaining an enterprise application fall into 5 categories:

  • Infrastructure costs
  • Licensing costs
  • Labor costs
  • Operation inefficiencies
  • Outside services

In this eBook, we’ll look at each of these categories more closely and see how we can reduce our costs while maintaining or increasing our overall efficiency.

The authors and contributors of this eBook have been working with the Infor Lawson application since the 1990s and in that time have worked with hundreds if not thousands of Infor/Lawson customers in every industry. The lessons derived within this work however are not specific to a single software application and can be applied to just about any type of application. Given that many of the contributors to this guide are employees and associates of Nogalis, many of the examples and experiences herein are drawn from 17+ years of experience with Nogalis customers, nearly all of which use the Lawson ERP application to run their business. You may wonder if Nogalis clients are a good representation of your business and whether the strategies mentioned in this document will be effective for your organization. Consider that we worked with several organizations to compile this document including:

  • Five of the top twenty hospital systems in the US
  • Three of the largest retail brands in the US, including one of the largest international clothing retailers
  • Five major restaurant brands each with at least 200 stores in the US
  • One of the largest staffing firms in the US responsible for paying 100,000 workers each week
  • One of the largest gaming companies in the US
  • Several publicly held companies with the strictest data security requirements
  • Over a dozen cities and counties in the US and Canada
  • A total of 7 companies in the financial services and insurance industries
  • And several more long-term Nogalis managed service customers

While this document mentions Infor’s Lawson application in some of its examples, it is important to note that Lawson is not unlike most other ERP applications in that it enables the basic building blocks of doing business daily. Hence the lessons learned here apply to nearly all enterprise software applications being used in any industry today.


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