5 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Trends to Watch in 2019

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms are an old-school software concept that’s working to stay relevant in the modern world. The new age of smaller, more focused cloud service applications does not match the old-school approach of traditional ERP. Many ERP vendors know that they need to stay relevant to be relevant among competition and with customers. With the ever growing technology, in order to stay relevant, ERP should watch out for these 5 trends in the coming year:

  1. Competition from Disruptors
  2. ERP, SaaS, and Hybrid ERP
  3. Adding Social Media and Digital Marketing
  4. ERP for the Subsidiary
  5. The Internet of Things
It becomes incumbent on customers then to more thoroughly test the capabilities of any potential ERP tool purchase to make sure it will address their feature needs in the future. These trends are what potential ERP tool buyers should consider in 2019.

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