4 Ways You’re Misusing Your CRM Data

Customer Relations Management (CRM) can make a small start-up company into a top dog of the industry if they go about using their data in the most effective way possible. A study found that a majority of CRM users found improved customer data access in their system. However , small companies often don’t utilize their CRM system effectively. This article suggests some of the ways you may be misusing your CRM system.

If you’re paying for expensive features and expecting most of your team to become familiar with all of the features without thorough training or understanding, then there is not much of a point to having this system at all. So be sure that when implementing a CRM system, you properly train the people who will need to use it most.

  1. Trying to collect data that is inaccurate or irrelevant to your company.
  2. Putting a focus on certain metrics that aren’t pertinent to your bottom line or the department that is receiving them.
  3. Not keeping organized or even completed CRM data that makes it confusing or difficult to go off of.
  4. Simply not utilizing valuable data when it’s there.

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