Landmark Installation Error


When installing Landmark 11 with Oracle, an error may return in the log related to a config variable when setting up the database.  The installation will run for some time and eventually call D:\lmkprod]\env\install\  When it does this, the perl script reads the install.cfg file under the landmark system directory.  Within that file, it looks for a number of variables for the database that begin with ORA.  Those variables are set in place during the interview questions before the installation begins. Rather than read the ORA variables, the perl script will look for an additional prefix to those variables – GEN.  When it does not find GEN.ORA, the installation fails.  The installation error can be resolved by copying the ORA variables to the end of the install.cfg file and edited to begin with GEN.ORA.  After updating, the install.cfg, will complete.  The installation can then be restarted and continue past the error.