Installing CTPs in Lawson


Here is a quick reference to Install CTPs in Lawson.

  1. Download and save CTP to LSF Server
  2. Extract .tar (unzip) on LSF server to folder (d:\patch\CTPXXXX)
  3. Log on LID as Lawson
  4. Change directory to extracted CTP location:
    cd d:\patch\CTPXXXXX)
  5. Run command: perl %gendir%/bin/lawappinstall preview <PRODLINE> (make sure it completes successfully)
  6. Rename/Save Preview.log
  7. Run command: perl %gendir%/bin/lawappinstall update <PRODLINE> (make sure it completes successfully)
  8. Run command: perl %gendir%/bin/lawappinstall activate <PRODLINE> (make sure it completes successfully)
  9. Go to the Lawson application and perform general testing to make sure everything is up and running.


During the ACTIVATE mode if it stops at dbreorg, this is likely do to activity in DB (“database in use”) or “No such file or directory” Perform the following:

On the LSF Server

Window Services:  Stop the IBMWASXXService – LSFAPP – This prevents users from accessing Portal

Window Services:  Stop Lawson.insightEnvironment “PRODLINE” –  stops LID to disconnect LID users

Task Manager:  End all java processes

Windows Services:  Start Lawson.insightEnvironment “PRODLINE” – starts LID

In LID, run the reorg manually:  dbreorg PRODLINE

Run the ACTIVATE step again