IP Designer Series – The Branch Node


The Branch node in IP Designer is useful for an “if-then-else” type of logical statement.

After adding a branch node to your process, make sure the node is connected (using the connection tool) to previous nodes. That way, all your variables will be available. Then, click on the branch node and add conditions. You can add many conditions, and you can use variables and/or javascript code to create the comparisons.

In this example, we have very simple conditions:

When you create a connection from a branch to another node, you will be prompted to select the condition that should lead to that node:

NOTE: If you need to connect your branch node to a different node, DO NOT DELETE the connection. That will delete your entire condition!!! Simply grab the end of the arrow and move it to the correct node, or right click on the connection to unlink it and create another connection to the correct node.