Don’t forget to check your Event Viewer


Sometimes Lawson errors can be very cryptic and difficult to troubleshoot.  Sometimes you will have a very specific error in the ios.log or other system logs, and a search on InforXtreme produces ZERO results.  It can be quite frustrating!  Don’t forget that you have another place to check for errors.  Always remember to check your Windows Event Viewer for another “perspective” on the error.  Sometimes a Google search or even InforXtreme search on the error text in Event Viewer will actually produce results where the log search didn’t.  Some examples I have found are an error in the importdb script, which provided more information for an Infor ticket I had open, and a MicroFocus license manager error that led me to a KB and a download that solved some performance issues for us.  So, the bottom line is, don’t forget to check server logs in addition to Lawson and WebSphere logs!