How to Call AGS and DME Directly in Version 10


Not much has changed in this version of Lawson when it comes to AGS and DME. You can still use them directly whenever you doubt your security access or if you just want to get a sanity check. I have created this article to provide you a quick reference on how they should be run:

To add a Nogalis Currency code:
https://<your server>/servlet/Router/Transaction/Erp?_PDL=TEST&_TKN=CU01.1&_EVT=ADD&_f1=A&_f2=NOG&_f3=Nogalis
To delete the Nogalis Currency code
https://<your server>/servlet/Router/Transaction/Erp?_PDL=TEST&_TKN=CU01.1&_EVT=CHG&_f1=D&_f2=NOG&_f3=Nogalis
To list all currency codes
https://<your server>/servlet/Router/Data/Erp?PROD=TEST&FILE=CUCODES
All of the above examples will need to be modified with your server name and your productline. In the above cases, the TEST productline was used.