How to Resolve Infor Lawson 10 Session Timeout Errors


When you upgrade to Lawson version 10, you might notice some issues with session timeouts. The most common issue that I’ve seen is that the user will get 30+ blank popups. IF they have the patience to close each popup individually, they can eventually get back to the browser screen and close it. That’s the only way to start a new session. However, most users do NOT have the patience to click 30+ times, and they end up having to kill their browser session in Task Manager. Either way, it is no fun.

Here are some examples of the popups:

How to Resolve Infor Lawson 10 Session Timeout Errors_1

How to Resolve Infor Lawson 10 Session Timeout Errors_2

Luckily, with several encounters of this bothersome task, here is a solution on how to fix it:

Step 1: Make sure you are on the highest patch level of ios.jar and lawsec.jar for your version of Lawson.

  • You can find your current version in LID by typing in the commands “univver ios.jar” and “univver lawsec.jar”.
  • Then, you can check with Infor support to determine if you need to update, and they will direct you to the appropriate patches

Step 2: Copy the msgdlg.xml to the appropriate location

  • The system seems to generate all these popups in a panic because it can’t find the msgdlg.xml file where it is expected
  • Navigate to LAWDIR/persistdata/lawson/portal/data/msgs/en-us.
    • If the msgdlg.xml file is there, COPY it to WEBDIR/lawson/portal/data/msgs/en-us
    • If the msgdlg.xml file is not there, ask Infor to provide it for you
  • Once you copy the file over, upon session timeout you should receive ONE popup message. Once you click OK, you will be taken back to the logon screen where you can start a new session.

How to Resolve Infor Lawson 10 Session Timeout Errors_3