3 Steps For Unlocking Hidden Value In Your CRM Data

Although Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can do a great deal of reporting customer data, brands need to better identify their high-potential customers to make more informed decisions about how to allocate marketing efforts. It takes three steps for marketers to make the most of their CRM systems, enhance their marketing models, and identify which consumers are optimal prospects for marketing and sales efforts:

  1. Analyze existing high-value customers – Marketers can go even deeper to build pictures of high-potential customers for specific products or sub-brands.
  2. Activate CRM data to narrow and prioritize the prospect audience – This helps identify the customers hidden within the CRM system that are more likely to be good matches for the product or service being promoted.
  3. Leverage high-potential customer personas in marketing efforts – Brands can focus marketing efforts on high-value consumers in the appropriate marketing medium.

These steps can help improve the cost efficiency of marketing efforts across the board. Marketing teams can feel more confident that their efforts are being directed at shoppers that are more likely to have the ability and interest to respond to each marketing promotion.

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