7 Significant ERP Trends

Enterprise Apps Today interviewed IT experts to determine what’s going on with Enterprise Resource planning (ERP), where it’s all heading and what companies should be doing about it.

  • ERP’s Cloudy Future – Migrating to the cloud enables companies of all sizes to evolve their IT infrastructure.
  • Hybrid Cloud – Have the best of both worlds with on-premise applications AND cloud appications integrated to your system.
  • Better ERP Reporting – Improved reporting, facilitated by analytics and tighter integration is a current trend in ERP.
  • Fighting ERP Tradition – Companies hesitant of change want something that can help them solve their problems with simple solutions.
  • SMB ERP Adoption – The move to the cloud has led to greater SMB adoption of ERP.
  • ERP Platform Approach – There is a move toward businesses making a strategic platform choice first, and then working with individual departments to choose applications that fit the overall platform strategy.
  • ERP Vendor Consolidation – There will most likely be more mergers in the near future.

We are likely to see a growing cloud ERP presence, heavier SMB buy-in, more analytics and a smaller group of ERP vendors to choose from as the field continues to thin down due to mergers.


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