There is very limited capability within the Lawson Security Administrator for reporting. Many dimensions of data are not readily available for inquiry and the reports that do exist have very limited use. A clever developer can use other utilities  to pull data out of LDAP and merge it all into a report but that can take a lot of work. The typical methods of pulling security data out of Lawson are:

  • lsdump – This is a delivered tool from Lawson that will dump all your security information (not including user infor) into an XML file. The file itself is not particularly easy to read as it has cryptic IDs that refer to other objects and it’s not friendly on the eyes.
  • ldifde/csvde – This is a Microsoft utility that can be helpful in dumping out LDAP data into a flat or csv file. The file generated by this utility is easier to read but still requires a script to make it useful
  • jxplorer – This is an open source LDAP explorer that you can use to search through your LDAP data structure

All these tools, as useful as they are, only get one piece of the security puzzle at a time. A complex utility is required to merge all this data together with user information and service identity information in order to generate useful and actionable reports.

With LSFIQ, our intention was to gather all the relevant information from LDAP and present it in a easy to digest, relatable format that users can search, filter and export. Read more