10 Tips For A Successful ERP Implementation

Technological innovation usually leads to increases in efficiency when computer-controlled processes, machines and equipment are concerned. Changes to business processes call for employees to demonstrate great flexibility and agility.

Larry Korak, Industry & Solution Strategy Director for Infor, presents ten tips to ensure that your organization has a successful ERP implementation: (For in-depth explanation of each tip, view full article via link below)

  1. Scope is key
  2. Align teams early on
  3. Get specialized treatment
  4. Think long-term
  5. Think out-of-the-box
  6. Be efficient
  7. User experience reigns supreme
  8. Training is paramount
  9. Set realistic expectations
  10. Communicate, collaborate and document

Korak concludes, “Whether it’s developing a product for a highly-demanding market, adding high-value services, or specializing in made-to-order quality products, a flexible ERP solution allows organizations to focus on the details that matter most to customers.”


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