Infor Adds Missing CRM Piece With Saleslogix Purchase

Infor announced plans to buy Saleslogix a CRM vendor from Swiftpage, who also own Act!. R Ray Wang, founder and principal at Constellation Research, says Saleslogix is a “decent product, but it’s been shuffled about from company to company over the years.” However, Saleslogix just might be the missing CRM piece in the Infor sales and marketing product group. “Infor provides the size, scale and resources that can help position Saleslogix as a leading product in the global marketplace,” says John Oechsle, CEO and President of Swiftpage. Infor has a Salesforce CRM integration tool called Inforce, but that not all of their customers want to use Salesforce. Wang believes the two products can live together and it gives Infor a more complete set of CRM product offerings.


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