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Who is Nogalis?

Nogalis is a global IT service provider specializing in Infor Lawson ERP solutions.

We’ve formed a team of skilled industry professionals with decades of field experience to help our clients implement their Human Resource, Financial, Procurement, and CRM software. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in all stages of your implementation from selection to go-live and beyond. With Nogalis you always have an experienced guide to steer you through the challenges you face as you focus on running your business.

Simplify Lawson


LSFIQ is the only cloud-based application that enables you to upload and analyze your Lawson Security data with ease. Simply upload two easy to create file into the LSFIQ account and you get access to dozens of incredible reports that give you instant, detailed view into your security data. Perfect for security audits or day to day reporting. Read more

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Infor Lawson Managed Services

Leave the day to day operation of Lawson to us so you can focus on your business

With over a hundred years of combined experience managing Lawson applications, we have no doubt that we can deliver first rate managed services to your organization. From supporting your end-users with on the spot assistance and training, to troubleshooting custom components of your Lawson installation, our experienced team is the trusted partner you can depend on. Find out more about how Nogalis can help you managed your Lawson application and cut operational costs at the same time. Click here to learn how we can:

  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Improve Productivity
  • Reduce Risk
  • Retain Control


Years combined experience working with Lawson

Technology Consulting

Integration and Implementation

Our core expertise is in delivery of technical services to our clients. In the past two decades we have shown that we can deliver consistent results and high quality technical products and services to the Infor Lawson customer base. Our dedication to technical know-how is evident in our online education webinars available free of charge on our website. Contact us today to discuss your technical needs. Our experts are proficient in all technical areas of Lawson including Lawson 4GL programming (COBOL), Lawson Design Studio, JavaScript, Java, Lawson Business Intelligence (LBI), SQL and Crystal Reports development, Mobile Application Development, Lawson ProcessFlow aka Lawson Process Automation, Interfaces, Conversations, System Migrations, Lawson Secuirty, LAUA, Upgrades, Systems Administration (UNIX, Windows, iSeries AS400, Database Administration (MS SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2), Websphere installation and Configuration, Lawson Environment Installations and Administration.

Human Capital Management

Managing your Human Resources with proven experience

Lawson Human Capital Management is a key  part of our Alliance Partnership with Infor. Nogalis HR Consultants each have 15+ years of experience with Lawson Human Resources, Payroll and Benefits Administration in several industries including Healthcare, Retail, Financial Services, Public Sector, Education, Hospitality and Energy. From complex payroll processing rules, annual benefits enrollment implementations, to employee and manager self-service (ESS/MSS) implementations involving tens of thousands of employees, Nogalis consultants have the experience you need to ensure success. Our professional staff is certified in all the HCM modules including Payroll (PR), Benefits (BN), Human Resources (HR), Personnel (PA), Absence Management (LP), Time Accrual (TA), HR Writer and Global HR (GHR) as well as Employee & Manager Self-Service (ESS, MSS, EMSS).

Lawson Financials

Manage the bottom line

Lawson’s financial management suite of products are best in class in many industries. To make the best of this powerful suite of products your organization needs a partner with best practice experience in your industry. Nogalis consultants bring with them the industry specific experience necessary to implement accounting processes, internal controls, best in class auditing practices, and compliance across all modules. Our experience extends to all of the financial applications including Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Billing and Revenue (BR), Project and Activity Accounting, Grants Management (GM), Lease Management and Asset Management (AM).

Lawson Supply Chain Management

Operational Efficiency

Mastery of the Supply Chain Management science is the key to delivering value to our clients. We have successfully implemented Lawson Supply Chain to numerous clients in Healthcare, Retail, and manufacturing industries and can bring that experience and expertise to your organization. Whether creating an entirely new supply chain infrastructure, or simply adding a requisition approval process within your management structure, our application and technical team can help you deploy the Lawson application with ease and accuracy. Our experts can help you in all the different areas of supply chain including: Purchase order (PO) and Matching (MA), Inventory Control (IC), requisition (RQ), Warehouse (WH) and Mobile Supply Chain Management (MSCM).

Business Intelligence

Understanding Your Business

How does your organization measure performance? Do you have access to meaningful, actionable information at one glance? If the answer is no, then you’re not using your investment in Lawson to it’s full potential. Any of the firms you google’d today can provide you with a resource that can develop reports and extract data from your Lawson system. But “Meaningful, Actionable Information” requires experience and industry expertise. Our team has developed thousands of reports across all different industries including Healthcare, Staffing, Retail, Public Sector, Education, and Financial Services to name a few. Over the past decade, we have used all the technology provided by Infor to create true business intelligence for our customers that can directly contribute to their bottom-line. Our expertise with Lawson Business Intelligence (LBI), creating Smart Notifications, Dashboards, Bursted Reports, Back Office Reports and more have helped hundreds of clients achieve operational excellence and managed their KPI for decades. Contact us today to discuss your BI project.

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