Nogalis now offers Lawson security and license audits for clients as a combined, fixed-priced service. The service is available to both cloud and OnPrem customers and includes the following:

  • Thorough analysis of your Lawson security
  • Full statistics with 10 predefined health markers
  • Full user report with access rights
  • Two custom, client-defined security reports
  • Complete licenses need/have analysis
  • Terminated employee license analysis

This fixed-cost, one-day audit is designed to identify security flaws and licensing issues. On average, clients have used the results of this licensing audit to save 18% from their recurring costs by right-sizing their licensing needs.

Book an introductory no-cost appointment to schedule your audit:

Lawson Security Audit

Get instant visibility

Once our one-day audit is completed, we’ll meet with your team to go over your results and help you understand how you can address security vulnerabilities and adjust your licensing to meet your needs more efficiently.

Lawson License Audit

You can’t save what you can’t see

Unused licenses are one of biggest costs of a IT operation. On average, clients have saved 18% from their recurring costs by right-sizing their licensing needs.

Infor Lawson Security Reporting

Choose what is important to you

There is a treasure trove of data inside your security setup. This data can be displayed in dozens of different dimensions and can tell you a lot about potential opportunities. In addition to the 19 provided reports, clients can choose two additional custom reports to be generated as part of this one-day audit.

Limited appointments are available

As mentioned above, this is a limited time program being offered to Lawson customers and is currently slated to end April 30 2019. Available dates are limited so schedule your audit today.