Automation with 10x the speed of IPA

One of the greatest ways to gain operational efficiency within an organization is to automate predictable business processes. We set out to create a utility that can automate AGS and DME calls and inadvertently ended up with a great load testing tool also. For those not familiar with AGS (Application Gateway Service) and DME (Data Mining Engine), the two services are the main way that web products like Portal, Ming.le, Addins and IPA communicate with Lawson screens. The biggest advantage of using these two services are:

  • All the business rules dictated by the underlying screens are enforced and followed
  • All security rules within Lawson security are enforced and followed
  • Since they are the same services that are used by Portal, they simulate exactly how a user interacts with screens.

How LAWBOT works

LAWBOT is a single executable file that can automate any transaction or query process within the Lawson system without the need to install any additional components on your Lawson server. Simply place the single LAWBOT file on any machine within the network and it is ready to run any set of Lawson transactions you feed it. Given that you have the right user credentials and appropriate security rights of course.

It is easy to see how the load testing capabilities of LAWBOT became apparent shortly after we launched the first version. To extend this functionality we added multi-threading capabilities to LAWBOT so it can simulate multiple users at one time. LAWBOT is so well optimized that it can process transactions up to 10 times faster than IPA and provides the same logging capabilities and controls.

What you can do with LAWBOT

Given that LAWBOT can do everything a user can do from a portal screen, the answer is pretty much anything you can imagine. Here are some examples:

  • Automate loading records into any Lawson screen just as you would with Addins. LAWBOT does all this behind the scenes, automated and up to 10 times faster without any user interaction and with nothing more to install.
  • Perform mass data loads up to 200 transactions per second
  • Load test your Lawson system and compare performance figures.
  • Simulate user traffic to ensure your installation can hold up to high traffic times like benefits enrollment periods
  • Create macros that perform the same set of tasks when run to automate or to test your application

How can I get LAWBOT?

LAWBOT can be downloaded from the link below onto any windows machine running Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

There are two ways you can use LAWBOT:

  • FREE – Limited to 10 transactions at a time and 1 thread
  • FULL – Unlimited transactions and up to 25 threads (more can be requested if needed).

A license is only valid on one machine and cannot be reused. Please use the form to the right to request a full license.

System Requirements:

Download LAWBOT

Request Full License