EFL Global Sets Sail with Infor Nexus

Infor Nexus™, the leading global supply chain platform, recently announced that EFL Global will implement the Infor Nexus platform and join its logistics service provider (LSP) community. Per the press release, EFL Global is an international logistics and supply chain industry leader. They will leverage the machine learning and predictive analytic capabilities of the Nexus platform to enhance its supply chain operations and better serve its clients. By integrating the Infor Nexus platform, EFL Global will gain a greater level of visibility, insight, and collaboration throughout its entire supply chain. Real-time signals, precise ETAs, and community data on the network will enable EFL Global to provide accurate container event data, anticipate industry disruptions, and reduce costs for its clients. In addition, the company will benefit from the broader ecosystem and can leverage Infor Nexus’ 20 years of global network data, applying machine learning and artificial intelligence into predictive modeling. With the Infor Nexus platform, EFL Global can also provide a combination of status updates (milestones) from carriers and partners, along with live GPS location data to give a complete view of where a shipment is, where it’s going, and when it will get there. EFL Global’s clients will also benefit from community data on the network that can alert them to events such as port delays, bad weather, labor issues, and all other issues that could impact their shipments.


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