LNS Switches to Infor’s Multi-tenant Cloud

LNS, the world leader in peripherals and services for machine tools, recently opted to deploy Infor M3 CloudSuite, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution powered by Amazon Web services (AWAS) that is specifically designed for manufacturers and distributors of products and after-sales services. A 15-year customer of Infor, this latest project is part of the company’s wider digital transformation plan and aims to achieve greater standardization at a global level to improve the quality of work, optimize access to information and improve collaboration between users. “As we prepare to switch to the multi-tenant cloud, our objective is to rewrite our processes entirely to simplify, standardize and industrialize them, and thus promote collaboration and exchange between our employees worldwide,” says Stéphane Englert, CIO of LNS. Per the press release, Infor M3 CloudSuite is the backbone of LNS’ information system and manages most of its main functions (purchasing, production, logistics, sales and finance). Additionally, the company has developed, often at the request of its users, some 30 internal applications designed to simplify their work. Englert adds, “We have high expectations of this project, the main objective of which is to have common tools interfaced with our different websites, in order to facilitate the exchange of data between our different sites and employees.” A go-live is expected by October 2024.


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