6G Is Coming: What Will Be The Business Impact?

While 5G was introduced to us not 5 years ago, we always knew what will happen next – the emergence of 6G. Experts say that the next-gen tech will likely be 100 times faster than 5G. Bernard Marr, strategic business & technology advisor, shares an article on Forbes saying that 6G will go beyond speed, with technologists predicting a fully integrated system that allows for instantaneous communications between devices, consumers, and the surrounding environment. Marr shares some predictions on how how forthcoming 6G technology will transform the workplace in the future.

Enhancing the way we connect online. “Instead of spending hours on 2D Zoom or Teams meetings, we will meet in 3D digital spaces, where our avatars will have “real” eye contact. We will be able to meet in groups and even express body language in real time.”

Training the workers of the Future with VR and AR. “With 6G technology, companies will provide immersive VR and AR training experiences that streamline the transfer of knowledge between teams and boost knowledge retention.”

Experiencing the new social media world. “Instead of visiting someone’s 2D profile on a smartphone, with 6G connectivity, we will use mixed reality glasses to visit people’s 3D worlds, rendered in real-time and personalized just for us. For example, we might visit someone’s virtual home and admire their art and 3D-rendered holiday memories. Or we can meet up with our new and existing social media connections on a virtual planet for a fireside chat.”

The transformation of healthcare. “With lightning-fast data speeds, we’ll have smart sensors that float through our bloodstream and monitor and measure every aspect of our health. These connected devices will continuously collect data and analyze information to make recommendations and predict health issues before they arise. We will also see smart devices that can issue physical assistance and medications – supported by continuously-updated digital representations of ourselves online. With these new advances, our healthcare industry will move from its reactive approach to a predictive, personalized model. This will revolutionize the way we take care of our health in the Future, and have a major impact on anyone who currently works in healthcare.”

Hitting the road with 6G. “With 6G connectivity, we will have real-time, 4D maps that can help us manage the extreme traffic of our future cities, including autonomous vehicles on the ground (and even in the air!). Your commute will improve with the help of highly accurate sensors in vehicles and at base stations that can navigate and give you the fastest, most comfortable commute.”


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