Infor Launches New Application to Combat Nurse Shortage for Healthcare Industry

This month Infor launched a new application – Infor Clinical Science – as part of the Infor Work Management suite as a move to help combat nurse shortage in the healthcare industry. Per the press release, this application measures the workload of each patient via evidence-based methodology to provide leaders with a complete picture of labor requirements for each shift, unit or department, all based on documentation already occurring in the electronic medical record (EMR). By measuring the workloads at the task/activity level, this provides healthcare leaders with deeper insights into the work being performed and can adjust and adapt scheduling in real time to directly address and combat the ever-present healthcare worker shortage. Clinical Science uses EMR documentation to provide insights into patient care requirements and helps decision makers efficiently deploy available staff needed across the organization. Additionally, Clinical Science provides deep insights into each patient’s unique care needs and, by evaluating individual patient workloads, room proximity, and continuity of care, helps inform the nurse-patient assignment process to ensure fair and equitable patient assignments. This application can also support departments with mandated staffing ratios by ensuring the assignments are fair and equitable and can help leaders determine units or departments that may need additional support. Further, Clinical Science accounts for the differences between patients to ensure optimal patient care, while maintaining any mandated ratios. With this new application Infor is now the only solution that offers an end-to-end experience deployed in a single cloud solution for healthcare labor planning and tracking, including alignment with patient workloads and the assignment of patients to nurses to ensure safe, high-quality patient care.


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