Foodservice Technology to Shift Focus in 2023

In this technologically advanced era we live in, technology has fast become an important aspect for any business today. In the food service sector, technology has played a pivotal role for many retailers and restaurateurs. Part of the sudden influx in technology for this sector would be thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 where people all over the world were asked to stay home, thus turning to food delivery and online ordering for their meals. Melissa Kress, executive editor of Convenience Store News, shares a great read on tech integration and its impact in the food industry and what to watch for in the coming year. The biggest goal for those in the food service sector to integrate more technology, Kress notes, is the focus on stability, cost efficiency and labor efficiency. “There are areas of innovation foodservice retailers can focus on to help relieve some of the pressures,” she states. “They include delivery-only kitchens to take the pressure off existing locations and automated low-level tasks that are labor intensive.” These tasks could be met with the help of technological resources. For customer-facing technology, loyalty is key. Keeping focus on loyalty programs and accessibility would keep returning customers satisfied.


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