The 6 Most Important Tech Trend Predictions For 2023

Bernard Marr, strategic business & technology advisor, shares an article on Forbes of the most important tech trend predictions we should expect this year, backed by Deloitte and other industry experts. The analysts at Deloitte named these trends based on the dynamically shifting industry backgrounds where they operate, as an aim to focus on real-world use cases. Marr reviews each trend, along with Deloitte chief futurist Mike Bechtel, to give us insight of the likely impact of these trends.

The Metaverse – “The true value of the metaverse will be the new business models that it makes possible. This will occur as part of the ongoing natural progression towards simpler ways of interacting with machines.”

Artificial Intelligence – “The key trend around AI in 2023 will involve trust. In many ways, attaining the necessary level of trust is likely to be dependent on the extent that the AI itself can become transparent and explainable.”

Cloud Computing – “For many organizations, the focus on the cloud space in 2023 will be firmly on ‘taming cloud chaos.’ This will take place as we work on getting to grips with the ever more complex ecosystems of public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud solutions that make up the average enterprise tech stack.”

The Skills Gap – “This is an issue affecting businesses in all industries, but none more so than those that rely on highly sought-after STEM skills. To counteract this, Deloitte’s report suggests that successful companies will look to ‘flexibility – the best ability.'”

Decentralized Systems – “Of all the breakout technology trends, blockchain – the decentralized, encrypted database platform that underpins cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin – probably has the biggest image problem. To many, this means it’s hard to understand how every enterprise organization from Silicon Valley to Singapore is investing heavily in the technology. Essentially, the aim of the search is to find ways of eliminating trust from digital transactions involving more than one entity. In 2023, we move on to a new stage in this search, suggests Deloitte: ‘In Us We Trust.'”

Mainframe Modernization – “This refers to an ongoing drive to link legacy hardware – such as the venerable mainframe platforms of yore – to emerging technologies. Rather than rip and replace legacy core systems, businesses are increasingly looking to link them to emerging technologies using innovative new connectors so that each family of systems can do what it does best.”


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