How technology will shape healthcare in 2023

Healthcare and technology have been a welcome partnership and while technology has established a presence in the healthcare sector, it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic that patients started relying more on the option of healthcare technology. While the economy in general is trying to settle back to “pre-covid” times, certain new “norms” are here to stay. Digital health and public policy writer Rebecca Pifer shares an article on Healthcare Dive explaining how healthcare technology will continue to be in demand in 2023. Pifer shares despite the return to the traditional healthcare resources or recent privacy and cybersecurity threats, digital health will still provide medical experts better insight to patient data. Here are a few predictions Pifer sees in healthcare technology this year:

Digital health goes back to basics. “After a volatile few years of record digital health funding followed by a painful market correction, health tech is going back to basics this year as investors prioritize safety over risk, experts predicted. Digital health funding may still experience a slight drop compared to past years, but funding levels should stabilize in 2023, according to Credit Suisse analyst Jonathan Yong.”


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