Scott Electric Selects Infor CloudSuite Distribution to Help Boost Operational Efficiency and Customer Service

Infor recently announced that Scott Electric Co., one of the largest independent electrical distributors in the U.S., has selected Infor CloudSuite Distribution to help boost operational efficiency and customer service. This move will hopefully improve the company’s ability to attract and retain new employees. Per the press release, Scott Electric has been conducting business primarily through manual, paper-based processes, which slows its ability to deliver products and services to customers. With Infor CloudSuite Distribution, Scott Electric will move to a next-generation, cloud-based ERP (enterprise resource planning) system that will automate everything from pricing and inventory visibility to product/service delivery and invoicing. This new system will be easier for employees to manage and get their jobs done so they can focus on value-added work. Additionally, moving away from a legacy ERP system will help the company capture more market share and continue to grow its business. Further plans include looking at how Infor Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology could help augment its business. Such technology could be used to help more quickly and efficiently train new employees, who don’t have years of experience in the electrical distribution industry to draw from.


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