Brandili Adopts Infor Solutions to Digitally Transform its Business

Brazilian textile company Brandili recently announced that they are implementing Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise to digitally transform its business. Per the press release, Brandili selected Infor LN as its ERP, and Infor OS to provide a comprehensive and integrated solution connected to several other systems. Implementating Infor CloudSuite enables Brandili to have a centralized database with information such as purchases, including prices, quantity, terms, suppliers, and taxes, minimizing manual errors and evaluating production costs. In addition, Brandili’s partnership with Infor is part of the textile manufacturer’s industrial modernization plan, which includes investing R$10 million reais (Brazilian currency) in new technology and launching its own e-commerce solution. Choosing Infor will help the company further grow with its robust solutions, portfolio of products needed for the digital transformation, user support and trust.


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