Confluence Health Leans on Infor AI to Better Care for its Communities

Confluence Health, an integrated healthcare delivery system in north-central Washington, recently announced their successful implementation of critical artificial intelligence solutions from Infor to accelerate business innovation and improve care for the communities it serves. The healthcare system has been able to execute key supply management processes faster, and improve staff experiences and productivity. Per the press release, AI-driven software automation has enabled Confluence Health to conduct key supply management processes at least 90% faster, and reduce time to execute from hours to minutes and minutes to seconds. Specifically, Infor’s Coleman Digital Assistant has improved employee satisfaction by alleviating the pain and anxiety the staff experiences when trying to locate supplies in a timely manner. Additionally, implementing Infor’s cloud-based healthcare solutions, built on Amazon Web Services® (AWS), has helped Confluence Health quickly adopt new processes, establish a new system of record, and implement new reporting capabilities that can adapt to future demands and growth.


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