Infor Helps Secure Future Business at Abro Brewery

Infor recently announced that Åbro Bryggeri, Sweden’s oldest family-owned brewery, has chosen Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage to help achieve its ambitious growth goals after a procurement process in which three suppliers participated. Per the press release, this project is part of Åbro Bryggeri’s transformation to a modern business system. Håkan Larsson, supply chain manager at Åbro Bryggeri says of the project, “Throughout the process, we have had good contact with both Infor’s and M3CS’ sales organization and felt trust in both parties.” Additionally, Anne Lageson, IT manager at Åbro Bryggeri comments, “We now have a solution adapted for the future, such as our e-commerce where customers will be able to place orders directly in the system, which is not possible in our current solution. As Infor’s solution runs in the cloud, it simplifies things for the IT side where we do not need to have any hardware in place. Updates are ongoing and the software is being developed, so even for our industry, we see the cloud as the future to simplify everyday life.”


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