Syapse Partners with Infor to Revolutionize Cancer Care

Syapse, a real-world evidence company dedicated to extinguishing the fear and burden of serious disease by advancing real-world care, has seen recent success with Infor CloudSuite Cloverleaf, built on Amazon Web Services® (AWS). Per the press release, Syapse chose Infor to take data from a wide variety of community health systems and provide insights that can positively influence ongoing patient care. As a data-driven healthcare organization, they rely on compiling real-world evidence that illustrates the entire course of cancer care for patients. With Infor’s help, Syapse can better collect, analyze, and leverage massive amounts of pertinent data that can have significant consequences for patients and healthcare providers. Syapse’s partnership with Infor aims to elevate its three primary operational priorities—compiling and processing data intelligence, using analytics to draw insights, and applying them to patient care. Further, since its implementation, Infor Cloverleaf has provided Syapse’s certified team of tumor registrars with access to patient records that are used to enhance and validate data, creating a curated patient database that’s far more robust in usability and applicability.


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