CRM Integration Equals Better Cross-Team Collaboration

Having a customer relationship management (CRM) system implemented is the heart of a business. Integrating your CRM properly is how to take advantage of the entire system to benefit your business. But what exactly is CRM integration? Karl Laughton, president and chief operating officer at Insightly, defines is as the management of your entire company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers to help build relationships, improve customer experience, increase sales, and improve profit margins. A truly integrated CRM system will save you time, money and garner significant returns. Laughton shares an article on Destination CRM explaining how CRM integration aides in better cross-team collaboration. When you integrate CRM with the tools used across your organization, he says you can expect increased customer understanding, reduced manual processes, and improved reporting. CRM integration benefits your business as a whole, with some areas benefitting more than others, according to Laughton:

Finance and accounting. Integrating the tools your finance team lives in can free them from constant toggling back and forth. Reporting becomes much simpler when your financial apps are integrated with your CRM.”

Human resources. HR can use CRM integrations to talent management platforms like Greenhouse, to automate referrals, schedule interviews, and gather interview feedback.”

IT and operations. IT integrations can help detect problems and proactively initiate incident resolution processes. Users can stay up to date with real-time communications via chatbots and collaboration tools like Slack.”

Sales and marketing. “Sales and marketing already share goals, so keeping them integrated in the same tools just makes sense.”


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