5 Key Technology Trends From MWC 2022

5G Expansion from Chips to Networks. “Qualcomm set the stage with a number of 5G ecosystem announcements and upgrades including its Snapdragon X70 chipset. The new chip now supports a 5G AI processor and integrated 5G Modem-RF system for unparalleled speed and network efficiency. The SnapdragonX70 Mobile-RF System will also support 5G 4-carrier and sub-6 aggregation in addition to dual-SIM and DSDA capabilities.”

Impressive Laptops Take Center Stage. “Tech companies look to bring increased portability and productivity to consumers who are working in hybrid environments with laptops. Samsung announced its new Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro which will feature upgraded webcams, HD resolution and a deeper integration with other Samsung products making it easier to switch between devices. Lenovo announced its new ThinkPad X13, developed in collaboration with Qualcomm and Microsoft. This sleek laptop will be powered by Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 compute platform.”

Metaverse? Not Yet. “Most of the telcos present at MWC didn’t have any major plans for the new technology in the coming year. However, in the Qualcomm booth, visitors were able to don Occulus headsets and jump into the virtual world with Wooorld VR. Avatars allow people to be anywhere in the world together, regardless of their physical location.”

Impressive Automotive Debuts. “With 5G technologies continuing to evolve, we are going to see more connected cars and autonomous cars on the road in the coming years. Qualcomm unveiled the latest iteration of its Snapdragon digital chassis that now includes cloud-as-a-service and upgraded WiFi capabilities.”

Underlying Theme of Sustainability. “Several companies made sustainability one of their key messages for the week speaking to how their technologies will enable greener futures. Other booths featured greenery and real plants that underpinned missions for sustainability.”


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