Pentland Brands Goes for Supply Chain Gold with Infor

Pentland Brands Limited has adopted the Infor Nexus supply chain platform. The technology will help Pentland Brands improve visibility of inventory, enhancing collaboration with suppliers, automating the vital procure-to-pay process, and accelerating the onboarding of new suppliers and partners. Per the press release, Pentland Brands UK businesses are already live on the platform, with the US-based businesses going live at the end of 2021. Infor Nexus was chosen based on its capability to combine both the physical and financial supply chain processes, helping with real-time supply forecast and order collaboration, digital shipping processes, procure-to-pay process automation, and enhanced visibility. Further, Infor Nexus was also chosen because of its complete integration with Pentland Brands’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) system by helping to synchronize orders generated in the ERP, order change requests, supplier pack lists, advance shipping notices (ASNs), estimated time of arrival (ETA), and payment authorization back to the ERP. This also helps extend the visibility across the Pentland Brands supply chain and reduces supply and capital costs.


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