Three Tips To Break Into The Tech Industry

As technology continues to develop in this digital age, more people are considering a move into the tech industry. While this high-tech sector is an exciting and ever growing space, the industry is now more than ever very competitive and the job market is saturated. Forbes Councils Member and tech career coach Kyle Elliott shares a very helpful article highlighting a couple things to consider before sending your resume out to every tech company.

  1. Identify your niche within tech. “Consider asking yourself these questions as you begin to carve out your niche in the tech industry:
    • What type of tech company are you targeting (tech hardware, software as a service, financial tech, etc.)?
    • What type of company cultures do you prefer (customer-obsessed, product-led, growth-focused, etc.)?
    • What position level and function area are you considering (director-level roles in project management, senior management roles in product management, management roles in human resources, etc.)?”
  1.  Get crystal clear on your unique value proposition. “You can identify your unique value proposition by reflecting on those areas where you constantly receive praise — at work and in life. This may be through verbal feedback, performance reviews or letters of recommendation.”
  2. Set realistic expectations for your job search. “While it is OK to aim for the biggest names in tech, you may find your job search to be more fruitful if you also consider lesser-known companies and startups. These smaller employers often receive far fewer applications, increasing your chances of receiving an interview offer and landing a job in tech.”


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