SACO & MEDSCAN Optimize Warehouse Management with Infor and SNS

SACO, a retail and wholesale leader in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) region, has deployed Infor WMS (warehouse management system) with Infor ION, and third-party application, Loftware Labelling. Per the press release, the Infor WMS solution, which is fully integrated with SACO’s SAP ERP platform using Infor ION, is set to optimize order processing and picking, enhance put-away, and expedite the loading and validation processes. The project was managed by Infor partner SNS. Infor WMS will support SACO’s warehouse operations managed by logistics services provider MEDSCAN. MEDSCAN will capitalize on the Infor WMS portal, in particular to streamline financials and billing for the retail and wholesale giant. Further, with eight warehouses SACO needed a solution to optimize performance across its warehouse management. As well as enhancing its picking processes, the company needed to facilitate seamless integration with its ERP platform to ensure a real-time view of operations at any given time and expedite decision-making.


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