Creating A CRM Strategy That Will Help Your Business Thrive

Customer relationship management (CRM) is what happens before, during and after a transaction is made with a customer. Simply put, it manages the relationships you have with your audience, their buying trends, and ways to attract them to come back and make future purchases. While it is recommended to have a CRM system in places, some of the same strategies used in these systems doesn’t require one, especially if your business cannot afford one or is still in the process of deciding. Forbes Advisors and business experts Mimi Polner and Cassie Bottorff share how create a successful CRM strategy for your business. Before creating a CRM strategy, Polner and Bottorff want you to consider these 5 steps that you should take to ensure your intentions and goals are aligned with your business.

  1. Audit your business.
  2. Define your goals.
  3. Identify your target customer(s).
  4. Pinpoint your customer journey.
  5. Understand your competitors and your positioning.

Once you’ve considered these five steps, you’re ready to install a CRM for your business. Polner and Bottorff want you to consider a few more things to have successful implementation. They are:

  • Using automation to your advantage.
  • Auditing your customer database regularly.
  • Publishing content that adds value and drives conversion.
  • Creating more personalized communications.
  • Building a custom analytics and reporting dashboard.


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