3 critical ERP capabilities

When choosing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, there are a laundry list of things to consider. With medical device manufacturing, there are certain capabilities that ERPs can do to help leverage all of its benefits. Thus, improving business operations and adhering to complex regulatory requirements. Medical device manufacturers are looking to modern, cloud-based ERP software to stay competitive in the digital age. David Stephans, president of Rootstock Software, shares an article on Today’s Medical Developments of the importance of understanding 3 critical ERP capabilities.

  1. Government industry standards. “Medical device manufacturers must maintain detailed quality data and product information across the entire supply and manufacturing chain such as purchase order receipts, inventory material movements, shipments, and returns. Modern medical device manufacturers need an automated, comprehensive approach to the compliance process, with the ability to drill down into complete product histories. They also need detailed and readily accessible audit trails and seamless integration with quality and other compliance systems.”
  2. Precise inventory management. “This is critical to achieving revenue and profit targets, and for complying with the myriad requirements of the medical device industry. Effective use of inventory helps optimize production while balancing supply chain costs and constraints.”
  3. Tight coordination. “For today’s medical device manufacturers and suppliers, functions of planning, production, quality, safety, inventory management, procurement, and logistics demand a collaborative approach that optimizes the end-to-end supply chain. A strong working relationship with suppliers delivers cost savings and minimizes availability problems, production and shipping delays, and quality and safety issues. As changes impact production, suppliers and manufacturers can quickly drill down to communicate, share data, and make on-the fly adjustments.”


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