Infor Launches Next Generation of Hospitality Management Solution

Infor recently announced the availability of Infor Hospitality Management Solution (HMS) version 3.8.4 – the latest release of the fully cloud-enabled hotel management software in the Infor Hospitality suite of solutions. Version 3.8.4 is focused on providing new options for optimizing and delivering personalized services. Per the press release, guests in this version are empowered to manage their check-in and check-out experiences according to preference—often en route and on their phones, requiring minimal contact with hotel staff. This property management system (PMS) functionality helps start and end a hotel stay with convenience, clarity, and care. Further, the focal feature of this release is the newest module, Upsell, which presents enhanced experiences and/or upgraded rooms at check-in. The parameters can be set such that the offers differ by guest type, allowing hoteliers to choose which of their guests will receive upgrade offers. Upselling can drive revenue for the hotel by providing higher average daily rate (ADR)/revenue, higher experience spends for special offerings, and boost guest satisfaction. Version 3.8.4 is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, and Japanese, allowing Infor’s global customers to immediately benefit from the new features and interfaces.


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