Three Reasons For Your Business To Consider A CRM With Invoicing

Software as a Service (SaaS) trends are changing everyday, with customer relationship management (CRM) one of the busiest offerings out there. As more and more businesses embrace CRM systems, a lot more features are constantly offered to supplement. But do you need to add so many bells and whistles to your CRM system? Maybe not all, but there is one feature you may benefit – invoicing. Dimitri Akhrin shares an article highlighting three reasons for your business to consider having a CRM with invoicing available to greatly benefit from your system.  They are:
  1. Data In One Place. “One of the main reasons why CRMs exist is to help you consolidate data. Your leads, their contact information, their history with your company, key people in the company, interests — these all belong in one place, and this consolidation makes the sales job even easier. Once you strike a deal, be sure to immediately send an invoice from the CRM so that you don’t have to chase them through emails or some other communication method.”
  2. Revenue Analytics. “If you send invoices and get payments through your CRM, you can immediately know how many of your sales in the pipeline pay and how many of them fall through the cracks. This way, you’ll have a clear overview of which channels bring in the most conversions. Moreover, you’ll know if any invoices are outstanding and which customers aren’t paying up.”
  3. Time Savings. “As you probably know, before prospects become leads, they don’t get invoices — they get quotes. Consider a CRM that gives you the option of turning a quote into an invoice with one click. Moreover, keep in mind that you’ll be able to apply any special offers or discounts immediately from the CRM. If you have international customers, this part of the app will take care of different currencies and conversions, so you don’t have to worry about anything but selling.”


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