Seven changes to a CRM for business that drive customer growth

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a major player to running and growing a successful business, big and small. The customer is put at the heart of everything – from product creation to marketing – based on their needs. When looking for the best CRM software, one of the key factors to be aware of is growth. How will you use a valuable tool like CRM to grow your business? TechRadar’s Paul Maplesden shares an interesting article highlighting the following seven changes to a CRM that will help grow your business. For an in depth look at all seven, click the link below to the original article.

  1. Create a CRM baseline for your current customers and sales processes
  2. Understand the CRM areas that lead directly to customer and business growth
  3. Prioritize small business improvements to increase customer awareness, understanding, and revenue
  4. Use CRM to build trusted communications with your customers
  5. Focus on strong informational and educational content for customers
  6. Optimize and split-test your business CRM sales process
  7. Measure and optimize your CRM changes as part of continual improvement


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