13 Tips To Connect And Integrate CRM Tools And Social Media Efforts

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a dedicated tool that – as the name says – revolves around customer relationships. From customer service representatives fielding calls about customer issues to your marketing team dedicating resources to listening to customers and analyzing social behavior, there are so many ways to learn about your customers’ needs and even more ways to communicate and connect with them. For example, with social media being more and more the “norm” for latest topics, news, and communication, there is certainly a way to benefit from this widely used platform with your company’s CRM system. A great read on Forbes explains that many companies haven’t sufficiently tied their customer relationship management tools to their social media efforts. Members of the Forbes Communications Council share some best practices to connect and integrate CRM resources and social media efforts below:

  1. Use A Third-Party Social Media Manager
  2. Include All Channels Relevant To The Customer Journey
  3. Understand Your Customer’s Full Experience Journey
  4.  Use A Marketing Stack That Analyzes And Automates A Personalized Customer Experience
  5. Connect Automated Review Generation Software With Your Social Platforms
  6. Integrate CRM And Social Tools With Customer Data Platforms
  7. Drive Integration With A Congruent Approach Between Teams
  8. Use Unique Landing Pages To Ensure Accurate Attribution
  9. Find A Way To Track Your Interactions
  10. Consider Implementing A Customer Care Software Suite
  11. Look For Ecosystems Rather Than Platforms
  12. Create A Single Customer View
  13. Integrate Paid Social With CRM Programs


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